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It is the story of the events, experiences and people that have made your journey unique.

Beyond that it is the story of the ideas and values that have made your life meaningful and rendered you who you are. This story — you want to pass it on as your personal history, your life story, your memoir.

But then you’re too busy to even begin, or you don’t know where to start or how to structure your project.

And that’s where I come in.

My mission is to help you share your personal story as a legacy gift.

Together, you and I can mine your experiences for a central theme and for meaning. By focusing on the parts of your journey that epitomize what your life has been about, we can create a book or a recording that shows your readers or listeners what it means to be you.

This will then be your memoir, your life story, your personal history.

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Every story turns out different.
Every story is unique —
because no life journey is like another,
and each story carries its own meaning.

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